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Relying on modern integrated logistics solutions, KANO Supply Chain is based in North China, actively expands international supply chain business, and provides multi-modal integrated logistics solution services to domestic and foreign customers. At present, our company can provide railway/automobile transportation services and global shipping services from major cities in China to Europe, Russia and Central Asia.
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KANO (Tianjin) Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin. It is a global transportation and logistics service provider that can provide customers with professional supply chain solutions. Our footprints fully cover major railway transportation hubs in North China, Central China and South China. and ports, and has a highly qualified and experienced professional team in railway and marine services.

We have obvious advantages in international railway transport, international shipping, international multi-modal transport, and domestic transport. KANO Logistics adheres to the concept of "enterprising innovation, pursuit of excellence, professionalism and efficiency, and customer service", and hopes to become the world's leading logistics service provider, meet customers' needs for transportation and logistics services, achieve considerable growth and become profitable in the industry One of the most capable companies.

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KANO (Tianjin) Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

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